​Information on Commissions for 2022


​Prices range depending on the Subject Matter Size

 12x12 ($300- $350)

16x16 ($500- $550)

18x18 ($550- $600)

20x20 ($600- $650)

24X18 ($800- $800)

24x24 ($850- $900)

36X36 ($1150- $1200)

36X48 ($1250- $1300)


​​2 or more Subject Matter

on one canvas is $75 per added subject

24X18 ($800 - $850) +$75 per subject

24x24 ($850-$900) +$75 per subject*Only 2 subjects on  canvas size

24x18 and 24x24, any more will have to upgrade to a larger canvas


36X36 ($1150- $1200) +$75 per subject

36X48  ($1250- $1300) +$75 per subject  

Series paintings which include two or more paintings on separate canvases, will follow the original pricing per canvas. Discount will be given if two canvases or more in a series are purchased.


24X18 ($700- $750)

24x24 ($750- $800)

36X36 ($1000- $1150)

36X48 ($1150- $1200)


 When interested in beginning the process of commission, please send an email to and include the following information-  

What size would you like?    

Which orientation? ( landscape or vertical, or square )   

What Subject Matter?

Please include an attached photo or image(s) of the Subject you would like painted

Please include a few images of your favorite Maddie Grace work

Please include in the subject of the email YOUR NAME and COMMISSION, feel free to include other notes or specifications


Prices may vary without notice.