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    Welcome to my website, my name is Maddie Grace! I am an artist with a passion for life, but more so the beauty found in the everyday. I am currently residing in Savannah, Georgia. After my time at Georgia Southern, I could not imagine a better place to grow my art career than Savannah. 

   I, however,  am not new to the art scene, I began painting and selling art in high school. If it were not for the encouraging community support from my hometown, Carrollton, Georgia I'm not sure I would have the confidence to sell pieces today. 

I paint abstract expressionistic works with acrylic paint, bold brush strokes, and vibrant colors with a feminine and whimsical element. My passion is art, and my desire is that my enthusiasm is seen in every brushstroke and splatter on the canvas. I make art because it brings me joy; I only hope those viewing my art feel similar. I have sold hundreds of paintings, leading to collaborations with several influential philanthropies in Georgia.

I look forward to exciting new opportunities to engage with my new Savannah community.

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